About Level

Who is Level

Level is a Dutch manufacturer (OEM) of adult lifestyle products, such as condoms. Level is a young enthusiatic company who develop the most intimate lifestyle products of the highest quality, in order to give you the best and most intense and intimate experience.

Reliability & Quality of Level

Because intimate products like condoms must meet high expectations, we believe that quality and innovation is very important. Level products are therefore subject to the most rigorous safety tests carried out by Thai Nippon Rubber Industry and certified by SGS UK.

Once we complete this extensive and complex process, we are happy to put our products on the market. Only then, can we be certain you are getting the best of the best.


We at Level strive to provide you with products that speak luxury and innovation. In addition to that, our products are ultra-reliable and of the very highest quality. They are user-friendly, but will add that little extra to your experience.


Innovation is very important to us. Our Level Popular condoms had already been so far developed, that further innovation for some of our customers was not necessary. We could have left this product exactly as is was, however we continued with its development and lanched two additional products. This further development is how the Level Performance and the Level Delicate condoms came into existance. The Level Performance condoms are especially designed to delay the male climax and the Level Delicate condoms are so sheer that you may forget you are wearing one.

With many years in the development of adult lifestyle products, Level provides some of the most intense experiences compared to other popular brands. Enjoy these luxurious lifestyle products by Level and the passion in your love life will continue to grow and flourish!

CE Mark

All Level products bear the CE mark, which means that they are safe to use and meet all strict European rules and regulations. The Level Condoms even have the CE0120 number which means that they meet strict European legislation (Class IIB, Annex IX Rule 14 – Directive 93/42 / EEC for medical aids, Annex II, including Section 4: – EN ISO 4074:2002)

On each condom package and individual foil wrapper, you will find the CE0120 number as well as the expiration date and LOT number. The LOT number indicates the number of the production process to which an independent testing report belongs.

Each condom is tested electronically. This is done to determine whether the condom may contain any leaks or tears. Furthermore, with every production, a random number of condoms are tested to make sure that the condoms are safe to use.


At Level, we believe it is very important that all of our products are made using high quality materials. To be sure that this is achieved, our production process is carefully monitored.

This means that from the design through to the final product, everything is meticulously checked throughout the whole process. After all, when you buy a product from Level you should be confident that it is a quality product.

The Level QC process is examined periodically and further improvements made when necessary.