Meet our General Influencers

What connects all these individuals? A thriving social platform, lots of creativity and, er, influence. Let us introduce you to some of our favorites.

“He goes by the name of #McBender and #BehaveYourselfDarling. He is TikTok famous and has over 100K followers. He is funny and witty. He hates trolls (and so do we) and calls them out! He’s just fabulous!”

Social Influencer / Brand Ambassador

Jason Scott

Sex Educator

Hannah Witton

Male Lifestyle Influencer


Influencer and Bachelor UK

Alex P Marks


Josh Smith Hosts


Lucy Mountain

Dating Influencer

James Preece Coach


Roman Kemp


Dream Boys

Meet the Professionals

A&E & TV Doctor

Dr. Alex George

NHS doctor, Private Eye’s MD, author, health campaigner, broadcaster

Dr. Phil Hammond

NHS GP, TV Presenter, Health Educator

Dr. Zoe Williams